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180 day (6 month) Rental

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Total Duration: 99:52:06

Videos: 99

Why not learn and save money at the same time? Save $80 on a 180 day (6 month) rental of all 99 videos. You can watch a video, try it out, and come back to see what you missed. All 99 videos and 6 months to learn, learn, learn.
Volume 1 The 60-Minute Workout for 9-Ball
Selected Best Video for 8-ball and 9-ball by Pool and Billiards magazine
Volume 2 Things Your Mother Never Told You About 9-Ball
Want to keep your skills improving in as little time as possible? Watch this video to find out how to do it.
Volume 4 Bert's 10 Best Hustles
Want to learn some trick shots used to hustle the cash? If so, this is the video to watch.
Volume 5 Building the Six-Pointed Star
Learn where most players games break down and how to get around the breakdowns.
Volume 6 Using the Six Pointed Star
Learn how to put the cue ball on a string just like a yo-yo. You'll be surprised at how powerful you become at the table.
Volume 7 Building the Interior of the Star
Learn precise position using the interior of the star.
Volume 8 Using the Nine-Pointed Star
Refine your stroke to be able to connect the dots all around the pool table. You'll call and thank Bert when you can do this.
Volume 9 Safety Play for 9-Ball and 8-Ball
Discover the cerebral aspect of safety play for both advanced players and beginners.
Volume 10 Killer Safeties for 8-ball and 9-ball
Learn more ways to turn a risky shot into a killer safety.
Volume 11 Advanced Fundamentals
Everyone has a proper stance at the table; watch this video to find your proper stance.
Volume 12 The Mighty X
Develop an accurate stroke using the Mighty X exercise.
Volume 13 Rock Around the Clock
How to use the clock system to determine the path of the cue ball after contact. Learn to position the cue ball to the exact spot you desire.
Volume 14 The Big Bang
Do you have an explosive break? You can if you watch this video!
Volume 15 Winning Safeties for 96
Do you want to amaze your friends with great safeties? If so, this is the video for you.
Volume 16 Bank Shots for 8-Ball and 9-Ball
Learn the techniques for bank shots and get little known tips from Bert's years of experience.
Volume 17 The Speed Video
Use these exercises to develop the speed control you need to get to the next level.
Volume 18 The Shotmaker's Workout
Do you miss easy shots when you get a little bit out of line? If so, this is the video you must see.
Volume 19 The Deflection Video
Want to shoot without worrying about the effects of english? If so, watch this video.
Volume 20 Advanced 60-Minute Workout for 9-Ball and 8-Ball
A workout designed around the shots most students miss. Improve your game using this workout!
Volume 21 Winning Patterns for 8-Ball and 9-Ball
Perfect practice makes perfect. Learn some perfect practice methods on this video.
Volume 22 Aim to Win and Basic One Pocket
Get valuable tips and tricks on the most cerebral pool game today.
Volume 23 Intermediate One Pocket
Are you the spider or are you the fly when you play one pocket? Don't be the fly; watch this video and become the spider.
Volume 24 Kicking for Cash
Learn the most important kick shot in pool.
Volume 36 The Middle Game
Get control of the middle of the table.
Volume 55 Secret of Making Long, Hard Shots
Learn some little known very valuable secrets about pocketing long, hard shots.
Volume 67 The limit - Part 1
Watch as Neils begins his adventure to find his limits.
Volume 68 The Limit - Part 2
Learn how to find your limit by watching this video. Find out what Neils limit is and see if you can even get close.
Volume 100 Running and Gunning
Win games using cross-side bank shots to get position or break out balls as needed.